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PowerHouse Marine

PowerHouse Marine is a plug-and-play, retractable, buoyant solar array designed for marine living. This product utilizes the surface area of the open seawater by deploying a flexible solar panel capable of generating 1200 W of power. No permanent installation is required. The user can assemble/disassemble the product using the provided SOP "IKEA style" instructions.

Design Overview

PowerHouse Marine includes three distinct components: the base structure, roller, and solar panel assembly. The base is secured to the deck with a heavy waterbed. The roller is designed as a bobbin to secure the solar panel assembly as it deploys and retracts. The flexible solar panel is attached to a buoyant lakepad to easily roll.


Base Structure

Using Autodesk Fusion 360, I designed the base structure for manufacturing. The base serves as the attachment point for the waterbed counterweight, two split-bearing housings for the roller shaft to spin, and the motorbox. Designed to be manufactured and assembled from 316 Stainless Steel components, the base is strong and corrosion resistant.

SolidWorks FEA

Using SolidWorks FEA, the base structure was analyzed to ensure it would not fail under the given loading conditions. The maximum stress in the base structure due to the weight of the waterbed and the roll/solar panel assembly is well under the allowable limit of 138 MPa.


Bracket Ansys

Using Ansys, the brackets supporting the motorbox ledges were analyzed to ensure they would not fail as a result of the torque from the motor. The brackets were also designed to be manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, and the maximum stress experienced is less than the allowable limit of 170 MPa.

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